Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Filled to Overflowing

This past week-end I attended the "She Speaks" conference put on by Proverbs 31 Ministries, in North Carolina, and was reminded of how intimately Our Father knows and cares for us. Just the fact of how He orchestrated my daughter Daveda and I going to the same conference without either being aware of the others intentions still blows my mind, yet God wasn't done amazing me with His intimant details.
This was a three day event which began for me on Friday morning bright and early, by 8am I was savoring the last bites of my complimentary, cooked to order, breakfast and off to registration, where I was greeted with so many smiles it made me dizzy!
Not knowing what to expect, I headed to the opening session, "Up Close and Personal", and did they ever peg that title for this week-end. This was just the beginning of God speaking into my heart about just how close and personal He truely is. With Daveda and I signed on for a diverse package of classes of which none coincided, I had hoped and prayed to find someone out of all these women I could buddy up with for a least some of the time, and He was so faithful to hear my heart and sent me a precious new friend from Kansas. We hit it off right from the start and found ourselves to have so many parallels in our lives, this could have only been the work of my Abba, Daddy God. Daveda, also found a friend who oddly enough shares similarities with both of us who is so incredibly sweet and real I couldn't get enough of her. Her sense of humor left my stomach muscles sore!
Which once again only my Heavenly Father knew I went there needing!
The entire group of women who are part of the Proverbs 31 Ministries are the most loving, transparent and sincere women I have ever met and their love for every lady there was contagious. I was so moved by the way these ladies would be traveling through the halls of this hotel and would look into your face and realize that hadn't yet spoken with you and would stop and greet you with" Oh, I haven't talked to you yet, whats your story, and what is God doing in your life? And they didn't say it in passing as if they really didn't expect a reply, they waited for it and they looked you directly in the face with anticipation for your response, and would sit down right there on the floor if need be just to talk with you, just as I can picture Jesus doing!
Within the confines of this hotel the Proverbs 31 Ministries team had set up a prayer room where the name of every lady attending lay upon a table along side the promises of God and His Attibutes, along with a member of their team there at all times praying for the ladies at the conference as well as with any lady who needed someone to come along side her to pray and believe. I was so blessed to pray with and to be prayed for by Melissa, who's heart for God is worn on her sleeve for all to see. We too were found to have similar passions for ministry and found our hearts beating together for leading young girls to a pure lifestyle in such an impure culture. The presence of God was so thick in this room I physically felt hit by "It" the second I entered the room and was so over taken that I lost all resolve like I have never experienced before.
Every session fed me with something new, and God spoke so much to my heart that yesterday in my quiet time with Him I found myself sobbing because I am so full and I don't know what to do with it all, yet I am longing for even more, even as I write this I weep because He has filled me and His desire is to keep me on overload. Not because He wants to overwhelm me with stress, but He wants me full, so full that there is more than enough to give away, yet stay so full that I can hear Him when He whispers in my ear. So full to love someone who is having a bad day and maybe not behaving loveably, so full that I have patience with the child who is having a hard time accepting "no" for an answer. So full that I take the time to call someone who is struggling in their marriage, So full that I can sing while I pick up the mess someone else left behind. So full that I just want more, So full that I want the needle on my spiritual tank to not sway off that "F" even by a fraction.
God also has shown me, one doesn't neccessarily have to attend an entire week-end conference to receive this fullness. All it takes is encouragement from another, to see and hear the heart of God through another human being. Ladies, that is what we are here for, to be the heart beat of God on earth. The Proverbs 31 ladies showed me this, this week-end and it is now my heart to share His love with you.
I will be praying and asking what and where the Lord would lead and have me do with all He has shown me and spoke into my heart through this conference. Would you join me in that prayer, that He would give and I would hear clearly His direction. Allowing Him to open the pathway and do the work and to help me set me aside for His glory.
I am so incredibly greatful for the heart and ministry of all the Proverb 31 ladies and every lady I had the pleasure of talking to or praying with this week-end. It was truely a week-end I will never forget! And if you are one of those sweet precious souls I met this past week-end, thank you for sharing your story with me and your willingness to just be real, you don't know how much you were an answer to my prayers.
Stay close to Him, in His word and in His presence to keep your spiritual tank on "F", the price of filling this tank has already been paid, all you need to do is ask for more!