Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Thats right, it's potty time! Amazingly, Kammy took all the work out of it for all of us.

Last week-end she was staying with us and she just decided it was time. She came to me with a very serious look on her face, tugged at my sleeve, and then said as plain as could be, "I haf to go potty". She told us she had to go potty every time for the rest of the day! Later I called her Mommy to tell her she'd better pick up a potty chair on her way home. Of course she didn't believe me at first. Here little 22 month old Kammy comes to my house and literally 6 hours later she's potty trained! She has been going in her "big girl potty" ever since last Friday!

The one thing I have learned from being a parent and a grandparent is what a blessing it is to truely realize what is important at this time and what isn't. Taking the time to sit down and play a game is much more important than folding laundry, staying up late to just talk to your teenager sometimes is more important than getting eight hours sleep. Remembering what is was like to be their age, and the things that are important in their world need to be real in our world too, and spending the time letting them know that, know matter what that may entail, is much more important than spending time on our computers or even making sure the house is clean.

Know matter who or what may ever walk into their lives as they grow, we are and always will be the ones who hold the greatest influence on our children and our childrens children. We ought to take that very seriously. If our children have witnessed us on our knees in conversation with our Lord, if our children have witnessed us reading and studying our Bibles, if our children have witnessed us being light and truth in a dark world, they too will seek those things.

Just like Kammy did going on the" big girl potty". I look forward to the day when she looks up with her beautiful brown eyes, and says' "I want Jesus".