Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our Dependence on God

Today I was reading about the day of the Crucifixion and I thought about all that Christ endured for us upon that cross. Jesus throughout His time on earth was so dependent upon the Father. He was in constant communication with Him. Jesus had never been separated from His divine relationship with The Father. Then here on the cross when the sins of man were poured upon Him, He was apart from The Father! He was in such utter anguish He cried out, "My God, My God, Why have You Forsaken Me?" Matthew 27:46
Many have said he cried out due to the physical agony He must have been in, but I believe He cried out, out of spiritual anguish due to the separation from The Father. We don't know the length of time Jesus was physically tortured but it doesn't matter because The Word tells us, He was "beyond recognition". Throughout the entire time of this physical torture, He endured, never once crying out for them to stop or pleading for their mercy. The Father was with Him. The Father was with Him, helping Him to endure the unimaginable pain they were inflicting upon Him. Helping Him to remain focused on Him, His Father. Yet, in that very moment when Jesus was separate from God, that is when he cried out! The separation was more than he could bare, "Jesus then uttered another loud cry, then took His last breathe." Luke 15:37
This really has me thinking about my own dependence upon My Father and the closeness of my walk with him. In those times when I seek out every avenue of solution about a situation or trial in my life, of my own creation, instead of depending on Him, how anguished is my heart?
How long do I keep myself separated from Him before my spirit cries out for Him? Why do I always return to that place where for whatever reason, I think I have a better solution than He does. He knows me better than I do, He knows all my tomorrows and every single detail there is to know about me.
This reflection has left me with a desire for a deeper dependency on Him in everyday life, that I will develop a more constant connection with Him as I walk through my days.

Lord, help me to see that You and only You are the creator of my life, and You and only You have the divine direction I need. Help me to seek after You in every situation no matter how big or how small, knowing You will never leave me nor forsake me. Thank You Lord for Your Perfect love. in Jesus Name.