Thursday, July 31, 2008

Where Are The Miracles?

" So then, does he who provides you with the Spirit and works miracles among you, do it by the works of the Law, or by hearing with faith"? Galatians 3:5

I listened to testimonies yesterday from some who recently went to Haiti. One objective was universal- each one acknowledged they went there looking for some sort of "miracle", to see the hand of God at work. Although it was also acknowledged they knew they saw the hand of God working here at home, yet they were looking for maybe "bigger" miracles?
Recently I listened to a lecture on "Probability", where the Professor used a deck of cards to prove his point. Although he didn't deal out 10,000 hands in front of my eyes, it had been done previously to test the ideas of randomness. He showed how often, or the probability, of any one particular set of cards to be dealt more than once. Then he dealt out two sets of five cards each. The first set consisted of a ten of hearts, Jack of spades, Ace of hearts, two of diamonds, and a four of clubs. The second hand he dealt was a run of clubs from Ace to ten, which if you know anything about poker you know this to be a straight flush, and very valuable also very rare and something you might tell others about. Yet, would it surprise you if I told you the first hand dealt is equally as rare? The chances of that particular hand being dealt again is just as likely, or unlikely as that of the straight flush. Yet, you wouldn't be excited to receive those cards, even if you did receive them again. Even though the first set of cards are as rare as the second we have determined by the "rules of the game" they have no significant value.
I think the "miracles" of God are a lot like the rarity of the cards received in the game of poker and placed into our very hands, some to be traded in for something better, maybe something a little more significant, something seen less often or more rare. Possibly the greatness or the value of a miracle is determined by our own perception of "a miracle"?
What is a miracle? If we look around us at all creation and all the intricate details God put into His creation, I believe we would come to the realization that we are surrounded by the miracles of God. It is our own perception that somewhere along the journey we have determined these "miracles" to lack the significance we seek after. But, does that in itself make these things any less miraculous?
Have you ever seen a bumble bee? If you have, you have witnessed a miracle! It is a scientific fact that bumble bees shouldn't be able to fly! The weight and the circumference of this bee, according to aerodynamics should be an impossible feat- Yet, he flys'! That is a miracle!!!
When you are at the grocery store right behind the woman who is short a few dollars, that's a miracle! God has strategically placed you there to help! When you witness the woman who has locked her keys in her car and begins to walk home -you could be her miracle!
I don't want to sound as if going to a foreign country on a missions trip is unimportant, not at all, God has told us to go "to the ends of the earth". I would love to be able to go myself. My point is, we can see and witness the miracles of God even here everywhere we go, everyday of our lives. I believe His miracles surround us daily not only in His creation but also in opportunities we most times miss. Maybe we have become just too busy or maybe we have determined the value of what a miracle is based on our own terms. I really believe that if we were to ask God to help us see His awesomeness in our daily lives and to give us a deeper perception of His hand at work, we would then begin to see the value of "All ", of His miracles. We would then see how He wants to use us to be a part of someones miracle, we would also see when he is using others to be miracles in our own lives.
Whether the miracles in our lives are a set of random acts of kindness,or the phone call at just the right time, the check that came in the mail right when the bank account was looking red, or the total physical healing of yourself or a loved one, All are equally as rare and all are equally as miraculous, and all should be enough to tell others about.
Look around you and find your miracle today.......then go tell someone how God is working in your life right where you are.