Friday, September 12, 2008

It's Been Awhile

It really has been a long time since I have posted anything here, So much going on through the summer and now that we are back to full-time schooling at home, time is still in short supply.
From Chicago in early spring, She Speaks conference in June, and back to North Carolina in August for our youth mission trip, and started on as a youth leader in Bible study with our Jr. High girls, this summer just flew by. Seems I was just getting ready to settle in and plan some summer family get togethers and realize school planning needs to begin. And that could take a totally seperate post, since we are using brand new curriculum this year. This means lots of planning time. yet, my hope and prayer is that this curriculum will save me prep time in the future and so far we are adjusting okay and Libby seems to be doing good with it.
It has been in these past crazy, whirlwind months, that I so realize my need for the Lord, and just how much He does carry me! "His strength shown in my weakness". And I have to admit, in these past months I have been feeling incredibly weak. My doctor feels it's probably hormonal issues, I mean, well, I did turn the big 50 this year! Yet we are doing several kinds of tests just to be sure. So, if any of you out there do read this...say a prayer for me....would ya?
Gods word tells us, that when we cry out for Him, he is faithful to answer. I have found His faithfulness in this verse. Throughout these crazy hectic months it has been my time with Him that has kept me sane, helped me to balance,and given me an even stronger hunger and desire for intimacy with Him. The more I turn to Him and lean on Him the more I want of Him, the more I desire to be like Him. I wished I could say that throughout these months I have been a patient soul with all that I have come into contact with, but come on, lets be realistic here, I DID mention the hormones right? But, I have found I actually have become more patient than I once was and I take no credit for any of it, It's all Him, believe me...patience has never been one of my strong points. Anyway, I am rambling now because I am tired so my point........I do have one!
Get in His presence! The more you spend time with Him, the more you find you not only need to, you just want to. Prayer time isn't a chore or a struggle to gain your points from God today.....that time becomes like the air you breathe......without it you simple begin to suffocate!
Be blessed all...and in His presence!
Until next time..............