Saturday, February 16, 2008

Closer Walk

The MPact girls went to see Casting Crowns last night at EMU! For Libby, this was her first concert, and she loved it! All the girls had such a great time.
I was moved to tears when I looked around and witnessed not only Libby but many of our girls bowing in prayer and raising their hands in praise! I thought to myself, "this is what it's all about". Leading, leading the next generation to the floor of the throne. Their message was so strong, and right to the heart! I loved that!
I believe we are at a time when we really do just have to quit fooling around with "being Christian". We need to realize, our walk is being viewed by those around us. Yes, we stumble and we fall, we are fleshly. Our Father promises to brush the dirt off as He helps us back up.
But, I believe all of us need to be more mindful of our day to day actions and how we treat those around us. This topic came up in the car on our drive home last night. One of the biggest mission fields placed before us in this life we are given is with our own families. How we treat those closest to us. How we treat our spouses, our children, or our brothers and sisters. If we would take just a few minutes each day asking ourselves, "If this were my last moment with him/her, how would I treat them"? Would I be kinder, gentler or more forgiving? I think we tend to take those we are closest to for granted more easily than those outside of our family circle. But, I believe this is where the true reflection of our walk can be seen. We all put on what looks good to go out among our friends and others in the world. I think all of us need to step back and take a true look at ourselves, and ask ourselves, "what does my true walk look like'?
How can we say in one breath that we love Jesus, and speak in hatred at another in the next?
Let today be a new beginning, by showing the love of Jesus to all and in all we do. Not only will those in our own family be changed but those outside of the family circle will see and be changed also. Let today be the beginning of a closer walk with Jesus.


Madalyn said...

Hey Mrs. Scribner, I loved the Casting Crowns concert! When you got to a Christian concert alot of people kind-of just stand there & take this concert as oh "this is so much fun!"-but all they do is stand there,& don't praise God, he is a God of amazing & power & a great friend! The night yesterday was very very fun! But MOST of all to praise our Heavenly Father-Jesus. Thank you for posting this because I think if unsaved people happen to visit your blog they will get a spiritual message out of that & stop to think how awsome God truly is!!! :)

Madalyn said...

thats why i was raising my hands,because God,is a God of amazing gifts,powerful,all mighty, amazing & a great friend & somebody to talk to I truly meant that from my heart