Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hearing the Voice of God

YI just want to share God's faithfulness and how He knows and speaks directly into our hearts.
For the last couple of days my heart has been very troubled about a situation, and this lead me to a place where I was questioning if I had been hearing God's voice correctly! It just didn't seem as if the situation was the way God intended it to be. Yesterday, I continuely sought the Lords heart on whether I was in error, I began to doubt, and as the day progressed this doubt escalated, then I began to get confused, and my heart was even more troubled.
Last night before going to sleep, I got "still", before the Lord, and simply asked if I had heard Him, and were my actions pleasing to His heart?
Then, this morning I received this in an e-mail-

Of course you've heard from Me. Of course you've walked with Me. Of course you've adjusted and made changes according to My Word and according to My ways. But I'm saying and telling you today there is more, there is new, there's greater, there is a furtherance, there is a completeness and there is more victory than ever before." Shine, shining, a light. (tongues) "Yes and it will all fit in just right. It's not up to you to make sure that others turn in special ways but it's up to you to turn yourself up into more of My ways. Adjustments. It's all in the Book, it's all written out. Pre-planned, pre-described." "So hold fast to the call that I've placed within you. Don't quit. Don't give up. Don't give in! But press out. Press in and press over into that which I have called you to."

This is only a portion of the message I received but, it's the most revelatory to the situation, and to reveal that God does hear the cries of His children.

I think we tend to give into the schemes of the evil one without even realizing it. I see now his attempt to discourage me and to keep me bound in something that was just attempting to keep my focus away from God and His plan to use me for His purposes.

My prayer, I ask that any and all who would happen upon reading this blog would be encouraged and their hearts made lighter, knowing our Daddy in heaven does know everything about us including the condition of our hearts. I ask that eyes be opened to the schemes of the evil ones attempts to hold us back. I ask Father, teach us what it is to be in consistant conversation with You and open up the meaning of "hearing You with our eyes and seeing You with our ears". Help us to take You out of our little "boxes of expectation", thinking You only speak in one way, continue to show us all the many ways You choose to speak directly into our hearts. Expand our hearts for more of You, and less of self.
ummmmm........Your love Lord is ever so us to be a clearer reflection of You.
In Jesus Precious Name I ask these things...................Amen


Karen said...

Thanks for sharing this, great inspiration.