Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Nickname!!!!!!!!! Tugs!!

Many have asked how I have came upon the nickname “Tugs”, It’s not real exciting but, interesting, at least I found it interesting when I was first told about it.
I am the baby in my family and the only girl, so when my mother was expecting me, she and my dad had only considered names for boys. Then here I am, obviously not what they were expecting. My dad had been at the hospital all day and half of the evening before I came into the world when he went home to take care of my brothers and to get some sleep. He said he was so stirred up that I was actually a girl that he just couldn’t sleep so he laid down on the couch to just watch television. At that time there was a television series on called “The Waterfront”. This show was about the life of a Dock Master and his family, who traveled about on the waters surrounding the San Francisco Bay, rescuing those in distress or in any kind of trouble or need. Their form of transport on the water? A tugboat! And the tugboats name?
You got it…….the Cheryl Ann!!!!!! As my dad began watching the show the name stuck with him and when he went to the hospital the next day he told my mom and she liked it, and that was that!
A few years ago I began to research this little boat and I was amazed at the findings. First being there are hundreds or maybe even thousands of Cheryl Ann’s out there named after this same tugboat! I found chat rooms full of women who share the name. In reading through some of the posts I also found out other information about my namesake tug. Not only was this tug used to film this show, it was an actual tugboat docked in the San Francisco Harbor. The name was changed after the series ended to “The Patrick Henry”, (I am really glad they choose my name before the name change)!!!!
I have also found tapes of four of the episodes of the “Waterfront” and a picture of the actual tugboat. The show is quite dull in comparison to what we have on television now but still cute, in a corny kind of way.
Well, when the story was told a couple of our childhood friends were there and they found it interesting enough to tell others and before I knew it “Tugs” became my new nickname. I say “new” only because the name in which I was mostly referred to prior was “peanut”, which some still call me.

There you have it…….

Be blessed all,



Anonymous said...

That is so funny i never knew that befor.

Anonymous said...

I love that nike name!!!

bglbass said...

My girlfriend was also named after the Cheryl Ann. I'm trying to find a picture of the actual boat as part of a present that I'm preparing. Might you have an image file or something that you could send me? Thanks.