Monday, February 18, 2008

Under every burden, God will slip His hand-

Every gulf of sorrow, His great love has spanned.

Into every heartache, God will pour His balm;

Ease the pain and anguish, bring a blessed calm.

I find it so refreshing yet at the same time, painful when through lifes circumstances, God gives us a glimpse into His heart.

When we are actually able to understand how our actions or even the lack of them sometimes must make Him feel.

Why is it that we have Him and His word so readily available to teach us Godly wisdom at anytime and in every circumstance, but we still choose to learn lessons the hard way? Like the lesson in 1 Samuel when the Israelites demanded a new king and God told them through Samuel of what would come upon them, yet they continued to demand things be their way. Even though they were told what their actions would bring and just how difficult this would make their lives and the lives of future generations, they refused to listen to the words of Samuel. So God gave them what they wanted, King Saul.

They then lived through year after year of disobedient and foolish leadership and warfare.

This is exactly what we do when we make choices to follow our own paths and our own ways instead of seeking the Lord's guidance. Not only do we suffer the consequences of our own choices, we grieve God's heart. I believe it so saddens the heart of God when He has told us He has every answer in every situation, and we don't come to Him. Then we find ourselves in the middle of dispair and turmoil and want God to fix it!

Sometimes I have to wonder if we have changed much at all since the days of Saul the King.

Just my own "thinking out loud"!

My prayer is that all of us would learn from those who have gone before us, and that we seek after Godly wisdom. God promises,"if we ask, He will give", lets take Him at His word, and let our minds be focused on bringing joy into the heart of God with the choices we make.